This month’s winners:

The latest winners and the prize amounts will be published here every month. We will anonymise winners in the format of Mrs B – Milton ward, etc.

There will be five prizes awarded each month, totally 50% of the money collected from members of the Southend Labour 100 Club in the month that draw relates to.

The estimated prizes for the February’s draw entries (which will take place in early March at a local Labour Party event or meeting) are:

1st Prize – £50

2nd Prize – £20

3rd Prize – £10 (x 3 winners)

This assumes that we sell 100 tickets at £2 each. We may sell more or less than 100 tickets, in which case the prizes will vary accordingly. The maximum value of tickets we are allowed to sell in any one month is £20,000 worth, however we doubt that we will achieve that 🙂 If we did, the 1st prize would be £5,000, 2nd prize £2,000 and three runners up each winning £1,000 each.

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